Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Suppan's Fake DL Stint Starts Early This Year

"Look Jeff, you're terrible, and I want you off of this roster. But Doug Melvin can't handle the fact that he might just piss away $12.5 million this season, especially with him running a small market team and all. So remember the last two seasons when you were struggling and we made up an injury for you to stash you on the DL? Well, we're going to do that a little earlier this season. The reporters are coming down soon, here's a bag of ice. Put that on your, um, well how about your neck... yeah, your neck, and we'll fake a neck injury. Sound good?" Ken Macha probably said on Tuesday. So yeah, Suppan's on the DL again.

So Suppan won't be on the Opening Day roster, and the decision on what do to with him as been pushed back until April 10th. Please God, let that decision be the releasing of his contract.

As far as the rest of the healthy Brewers go, they tied the Angels Tuesday 1-1. Here's a box score to check out, I got some Lost to watch (although I would like to mention that Narveson and Parra, both competing for the 5th starter spot, pitched well in this one).


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