Thursday, March 25, 2010

Weeks Shines in Brewers Loss

Zing: Rickie Weeks was having the kind of season that takes you from decent player to superstar last year, but then he was injured. That doesn't mean he can't have that type of season this year. So far this Spring, he's been on pace. Weeks had a nice performance despite the Brewers losing 7-3 to the Dodgers on Thursday. Rickie went 2-for-4 with a 2 RBI double in the fifth inning, and his currently hitting .317 during the exhibition season.

Boom: Also collecting an RBI was Ryan Braun, who went 1-for-3 for the afternoon, actually scoring Rickie Weeks. In other outfield news, Jim Edmonds was placed on the 40-man roster today, which was a no-brainer of a move. This all but ensures that he should make the 25-man squad.

Tararrel: Jeff Suppan is still getting starts, and he went 4 1/3 innings on Thursday. His line included two runs on three hits, and that's a remarkable performance for Jeff Suppan. Seriously, cut this guy and his 7.71 ERA already.

Puke: As bad as Suppan is, Manny Parra was worse, finishing the remaining 3 2/3 innings and giving up five runs on eight hits. I know that pitching might be the part of this roster that holds this team back, but I'm fairly confident in the bullpen, and our first three starters. But after that, the next couple of guys in line are so bad that it really almost does make me sick. I think at this point, Dave Bush has to be the fourth guy, maybe Chris Narveson. I don't trust Manny Parra at all, and if he gets the job than it has to be on a short list. If you want to hide Jeff Suppan in the bullpen to justify his salary, then whatever, but this guy can not be a starting pitcher. Not for us.


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