Thursday, March 25, 2010

Welcome Mr. Jackson

Darnell Jackson has been signed by the Bucks for the rest of the regular season. He will have 12 games to make an impact on this team, as he can't be part of the playoff roster if the Bucks make it. Sort of like Todd Coffey with the Brewers a few years back. Jackson was a huge part of the Kansas Jayhawks championship in 2008. Since the Cavs got Big Z back on Wednesday they had to cut one player. Jackson was the one, and the Bucks felt like they should pick him up.

Not a bad move by the Bucks, as his contract is up after this season, but he is only 24. So maybe if they see something they like they may be able to get him for cheap. He has not shown anything yet in the NBA, but it is a little harder when you play on the Cavs. He could maybe be another big body for the Bucks off the bench.

Will he play much this season? I would be surprised if he did, but if we are killing a team he could see some court time. If he sucks, well, then he will be another player in the NBA to play a few games with the Bucks and then fall off the map. Marcus Haislip comes to mind when I think of a young big man that could be good. Although he never turned out to be anything, but maybe things will be different for Jackson. Best of luck to him in his 12 games with the running deer.


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