Saturday, March 27, 2010

Well, Greg Jennings Was at The Game

That was about the highlight of the night for Bucks fans as our very own Greg Jennings threw out free T-Shirts for people (this isn't from Friday's game, I had a picture that I took of him but the guy in front of me screwed it up). Jennings seems to be at a lot of Bucks games, and the guy always has a smile on his face. Real glad the Packers drafted a guy that is good, and has some class. As far as the game itself it was over the minute Kurt Thomas was announced in the starting line up.

I did attend the game Friday night. I had great seats in section 214 row E. They were mid court about 8 rows up. The view as awesome, and you really feel like part of the action. The only problem was there was no action from the Bucks team. They came out flat right from the start, and just had no inside game whatsoever.

To make things worse not only did the Bucks suck, but we got stuck next to this old guy that thought he was Scott Skiles. He would yell every time their was seven seconds left on the shot clock. Also at one point in time the team fouls were like Bucks 5 - Heat 0, and this guy would yell "You have to drive to the hole!!!" I know what he is getting at, but we were not getting calls at all so we were taking jump shots. I understand that you pay to get in you should be able to say what you want to say. But this guy was out of control, because everyone around him was just making fun of him.

Then he did what no fan should do ever, and that is to be loud while trying to make friends with the people behind you. He would turn around to us all the time and say, "See what happens when they drive to the hole!" or "These refs are awful, the guy needs glasses!" and he also wanted a 300 pound fan to jump on Wade's head to make up for Delfino. The guy was crazy, enough said, and if I do something like this when I get older someone please punch me in the face.

Well this was all in the first half when it was just a joke, because Primoz Brezec played in the first quarter of a game. The Bucks put up a monster 35 points in the first half Friday. They trailed by 13 at half down 48-35. So we decided we would go in the lobby to check out some of the NCAA games. While in there my buddy Karl ran into a few guys he knew that were older, but love to suck down some drinks. So we just chilled in the lobby talked to a guy who he knows that works for the Bucks. He talked a little about how sales have been doing better of late, and how people are really looking at tickets for the playoffs/next year already. That's a good thing.

After that we talked to the guys who were just sucking down drinks at the bar, and they had no clue that the third quarter had started at this point. After talking to them about all the good looking girls in the bar area, let me remind you these guys were much older then us, one of the guys said lets go back to the seats. Out of the four guys two of them decided to take me and Karl to their court side seats.

I have to say it was awesome, and you almost feel like you are the sixth man as you are two feet from the guys on the court. It was something that I have always wanted to do, but due to the fact that its 400 bucks a ticket I have yet to do. We were right next to the Bucks basket, and you could hear everything word for word. At a time out Kurt Thomas was called for a moving screen right before the time out. He went up to the ref and said "That's a bullshit call they are doing the same thing at the other end." I always ask myself what are they talking about now I know most of the time I bet they are bitching about calls. It is something that if you get the chance for any basketball game to sit in the Spike Lee seats you should take advantage of it.

And oh yeah, the Bucks didn't play any better in the second half. They were down by 14 at the end of the third, and would go on to get beat by 13. It was just an awful game, but they had no Bogut, Ilyasova, or Delfino after he got landed on. As for Delfino at first I thought he was just sick of driving to the hole and not getting a call, but once the play went on he was just laying there, I had a feeling something was wrong. I didn't think that that he would not move much at all, and this really took everything out of the arena. At this point I have no clue what is wrong, or how long he will be out. All we can do at this point is hope for the best.

Lets check out some highlights from this 87-74 so called NBA Basketball game won by the Heat.

* I talked about Greg Jennings early in the post, but this guy is the man. He sees another Wisconsin team doing well, so he goes and supports them. You got your TO's, Chad Ochowhatever he becomes, Randy Moss, but you have to deal with their bullshit. Greg Jennings just plays the game, and has fun doing it which it what I like to see. So for the lets give him the Bucks POTG award. Yeah the game was that bad, and I hope all of you watched the NCAA games instead.

* Joe Crawford is the worst ref by far in the NBA. The guy can hardly run up and down the court, and he has a hard time seeing I think. Also Eric Dalen was a ref he looks like big Z from the Cavs, but he couldn't make a good call either for the life of him. Lets pray this guys don't do playoff games together. Again the game was this bad.

* Squad 6 still worked hard at the game, but early in the first quarter when Wade went to the line to shoot two free throws they had funny chant. What chant might that be? Well nothing more then a "Diener's Better" chant while Wade went on to make both free throws. The people around us were all laughing while the chant was going on. Why did this have to be the game I went to?

* Oh yeah, I got to sit court side for about 9 minutes of the game so that was cool. Charlie Bell was lucky that I had not been drinking or else I would have tripped his ass for sure.

* Dwayne Wade was back in Milwaukee, and he did some work on the Bucks. He got off to a hard start, and finished with 30 points, 7 rebounds, and 7 assists. He got to the line early to put this game out of reach. Wade will get the Hunter of the Night award.

Just an ugly sight to see at the Bradley Center Friday night as three key Bucks were out. Ilyasova was sick so he should be back soon. Bogut has some back pain and he was never at the stadium at all. Delfino left on a stretcher so that can't be good at all. This is not what a team that is fighting for the playoffs and has earned the motto "Fear the Deer" wants to deal with right now. That can all be turned around Sunday as they get back on the court against Memphis at 2:oo. The game will not be on TV, so if you want to listen to it catch Ted Davis on 620. Overall a rough game Friday night and one that I would like to forget, but I had an awesome experience that I will never forget. If you dare click the link below for the Box Score.

Update: It actually looks like Delfino should be alright, check out a report on him here from JSonline.


Unknown said...

You've been carrying the site lately Gweeds. Good work on the Buck recaps. I feel like I've been following the Bucks this season but all I've done is watch about 2 games on TV and read your recaps.

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