Saturday, March 27, 2010

Where Have the Sabres Posts Gone?

Nine games left, up five points in the standings, lets hope these guys can finish what they started. As the picture above shows the Sabres are close to locking up the Northeast, but it is not done yet. As it stands right now Buffalo is a three seed in the East, and they would face the Habs from Canada in the first round. For those who don't know who that is it would be the Montreal Canadians. It just so happens that they played Wednesday night in a thriller. The Sabres were down 2-0 with 3:33 left when Montreal got called for a high sticking. The Sabres capitalized on it to score with 1:59 left in the game. Tim Connolly found the back of the net to bring a little hope.

With just under a minute to go Ryan Miller was pulled for an extra attacker, which worked to the Sabres favor. Paul Gaustad scored the tying goal, and it was assisted by Steve Montador the extra attacker. The Sabres were just firing shots on goal all game, but had a hard time till late in the game finding the back of the net. They got off a total of 42 shots Wednesday night, and good thing two of them found the back of the net. In overtime it was more of defense of battle as both teams only got off one shot piece on goal.

In the shootout Ryan Miller came to play as he shutout the Canadiens on both attempts they had. Jason Pominville led things off for the Sabres with a goal. Thomas Vanek ended the awesome come back as the last shooter for the Sabres with a goal. Games like this really show who might be able to cut it in the playoffs, and who might collapse down the stretch run. This was a win that the Sabres needed going into their battle with Ottawa Friday. Ottawa has owned the Sabres of late.

That continued Friday night as Ottawa would win their ninth game over the Sabres in a row. In the NHL I don't really think you see a team go on a nice long winnings streak against a team. You have to catch the goalie at the right time, and some offenses are just on fire at some points of the season. Buffalo was hot early in the season, but as of late they are just not winning games as often as they had been. This will be a exciting final nine games for them. They are coming off a bad year last year, and look for them to be a team on a mission in the playoffs.

Miller played awesome in the Olympics so maybe he can play like that when he knows that every game counts. He really looked focused in playing for team U.S.A. so lets hope that Miller comes to play in April. Also the offense has looked a little off of late. Roy, Connolly, and Vanek need to keep finding the back of the net, but someone else needs to be a sleeper to get this team to the next level. Maybe a guy like Tyler Meyers who just ended his point streak at five straight games will pick up some slack. Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure that is this team will not be an easy match up in the playoffs.


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