Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Would We Want This?

Just when I was starting to like you again ESPN, you had to go ahead and post a picture like this (I take that back, I was never coming around on ESPN). But in the middle of Tuesday afternoon you had to go and paste a picture of Tim Tebow in the jersey of the Green Bay Packers. Tim Tebow to the Packers? Is that a draft pick that would even make sense? I mean, obviously, we're set a quarterback for quite some time barring an injury, but could Tebow provide a spark in our nonexistent Wildcat offense (which we would surely end up calling the Gator).

Despite the fact he probably won't get taken until either the third or fourth round, Tim Tebow is the most interesting draft selection of the upcoming draft. In the NFL, he may not work well as a quarterback, running back, or tight end, but he could definitely excel as a mixture of the three, it's all depending on how a given team chooses to use him. Tebow is a great football player, but it's almost to the point with him that you have to build your offense around him instead of just throw him into it.

The question is, would he be a good fit for the Packers? I'm a guy who wanted badly for Michael Vick to be in the Green and Gold last season, so I'm going to say yes. Even though Aaron Rodgers has to be the best mixture of a running and throwing quarterback in the game right now, our offense could also use that element of surprise and the change of pace. Not to compare Tebow to Vick by any means, but when the Eagles finally figured out how to use their "X-Factor" quarterback, they became unstoppable with him for awhile. The same can be done with a guy like Tebow.

I'm a big Florida Gators fan for reasons I'm not still sure of, so I've always had a quiet appreciation for Tebow. I'm not necessarily rooting for him to become a Packer, but then again I'm not really against it. I'll open it up to The Bucky Channel forum. Tim Tebow as a Packer. What do you guys think?

ps - Please at least one person respond, or this article will look embarrassing.


Stock Lemon said...

Great article Bucky! This topic would make an excellent Lemmy Channel episode! Let's start the discussion!

b2 said...

dammit I wanted to leave the first comment but it looks like Lemmy beat me to the punch. Here are my thoughts on this to really stir the debate:

Anti America
9/11 was a hoax
George Bush was the best president ever
Gay Marriage

Also, I wouldn't mind Tebow in the third or fourth. Why not? We could use a third Qb anyway

Anonymous said...

We always seem to groom good QBs for other teams. Maybe as an insurance policy for the future. I say grab him in round 3!

CC said...

Tim Tebro is a big douche bag that I don't want on the Packers. He was a great college quarterback but he doesn't have any control of where the ball is going and throws from his hip. I know the Packers changed A-Rog technique but why do it again for someone who will back him up for 4 years and then leave. Sounds like a waste of a pick to me.

Anonymous said...

I agree with cc tebow is a douche that being said my favorite teams never stop short of picking up random players like that. If we got him it would not be a surprise and maybe we could turn him into a Matt hasslebeck. And how do you like florida, jokim Noah went there, also Rex grossman, both of which are homos.

T-Zar said...

I love Tebow.....he's a winner! Heisman, two national championships. Why not take a flyer on him? I'm getting his jersey wherever he goes.

CC said...

TKO TZer, I lost a lot of respect for you with that comment. From now on I will be cheering for Big Bear to Jive in Round 5!

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