Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Brewers 51, Pirates 4

No, the MLB won't let the Brewers play the Pirates 162 times this season, but at least Milwaukee is taking advantage of the opportunities they do have against Pittsburgh. It's insane to me how the Brewers can roll over the Pirates for three straight days, then get steamrolled by the Cubs in a similar fashion over the weekend, but then come right back on Monday and beat the Pirates 17-3. It's almost unheard of, but in their four games against the Pirates this season the Brewers have outscored the Bucs 51-4.

For the most part, it was two unlikely heroes at the plate that did most of the scoring for Milwaukee. When he wasn't busy shutting down the Pirates offense, Yovani Gallardo was busy knocking in runs for Milwaukee. Gallardo went 2-for-2 from the plate with a two-RBI double in the second inning and also hit an RBI single in the third. Add that to six innings of pitching in which he gave up two runs (none earned) and struck out four batters and you have yourself Monday's Player of the Game.

The other unlikely hero was the streaky Gregg Zaun. It took him more than a week to finally get his first hit, but on Monday he collected four of them. Zaun finished with two doubles, three runs, and a very impressive five RBI. Not a bad night to have him on your fantasy team for the 3% of America that has him.

The Brewers continued to pour it on after that, highlighted by a nine-run 8th inning which saw Alcides Escobar's first home run of the season as well as a Casey McGehee Grand Slam. In a way, it's almost kind of frustrating to see the Brewers capable of putting up this many runs when they were at such a premium during the Cubs series. Still, it's kind of funny.

The one thing that is not funny was the appearance of Jeff Suppan in the 9th inning. Moved to the bullpen over the weekend, Suppan has been relegated to garbage time and he can't even get that right, giving up a run in his one inning of work. If we seriously want to pay this guy $12 million to pitch only when we are up 15+ runs then whatever, but I think we'd be much better off cutting him now and calling Stetter back up. Although I do kind of want to see Suppan start a game against the Pirates, maybe that would finally even up the playing field.


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