Monday, April 5, 2010

Brewers Unable to Come Through in Clutch

I often say that one of the things I like about life so much is that when you wake up on any given today, you never know what could happen. Usually you have a general idea, but you never really know. That happened to me on Monday, as I found myself at Miller Park for Opening Day after waking up with no intentions of going. It was just one of those things that happen out of nowhere, and it was awesome to finally get to an Opening Day.

Unfortunately, I did not see a winning result as the Colorado Rockies came into Milwaukee and got the 5-3 victory to open the season. It's not like Milwaukee didn't have their chances, as they ended up outhitting the Rockies 12-10. Despite getting those hits, very few of them came at key moments. The Brewers had chances all the way until the final at-bat, but Jim Edmonds was unable to get the job with a runner on base. Edmonds got a start over Corey Hart today, which I don't entirely oppose, but perhaps the end of the game would have been a good time to put Hart back into the lineup. Without question, the Brewers lack of being able to take advantage of their opportunities cost them this game, with Jim Edmonds being the scapegoat on Monday. At least in my opinion.

Also costing the Brewers any chance of a victory was the pitching of Yovani Gallardo. It wasn't the worst performance of Gallardo's career, but he did give up seven hits and four runs (three earned) over seven innings. I actually think Gallardo was left in the game a bit too long, as he was beginning to look a bit tired as soon as the fifth inning, when he did give up another run. Again, Gallardo wasn't bad, but he just wasn't as sharp as you'd like him to be on Opening Day. Chris Narveson finished up the job, going two innings and giving up a run.

There were some positives though, again this was a game in which the Brewers were able to collect 12 hits, so obviously they were doing something right. Four of those hits came off the bat of Carlos Gomez, one of which was a solo home run. Gomez also had two runs, one RBI, and a stolen base. It was about as complete of a game as you can get out of a player, it's just unfortunate we let his performance go to waste. For his efforts, he'll get the Brewers first Player of the Game on the season.

It's hard to accurately judge this performance without putting too much emphasis on the game. This first game is always held under a thicker microscope as all eyes are on that first game of the season. Still, even though the Brewers may have let this one get away, we have to remember that there are 161 games left. It's kind of like those people that think their NCAA brackets are ruined because they got the 8/9 game wrong at 11am on that first Thursday morning, we just have to remember there is a lot more season to go.

So while it sucks that they lost, I feel the Brewers showed us enough to have reasonable expectations for this team. We'll see what they can do Tuesday night as Randy Wolf takes to the bump against Greg Smith. With the Bucks on FSN Wisconsin, only the Milwaukee area will get the Brewers game on WMLW. While I'd like to be able to watch both, at least the Bucks are good this year so that it's not frustrating that we can't watch the Crew. First pitch is scheduled for 7:10pm.


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