Thursday, April 1, 2010

Brewers Wrap Up Spring Training Today

You won't find any April Fools Day antics here on The Bucky Channel today, as I'm going to spend my efforts today actually trying to catch up on a few things rather than pretend I'm a Cubs fan or something. So let's get things started by taking a look at the Brewers, as they are wrapping up their 2010 Spring Training campaign. Today is the last day for the Brewers down in Phoenix, and they improved to 14-13 (with a few ties in there as well) on the Spring season yesterday with a 12-7 win over the split squad Cubbies.

The Brewers had 12 runs yesterday, all of which came over two innings. Four of those runs came in the third inning courtesy of a Prince Fielder grand slam, which was hit second home run of the spring. The other eight runs came in the bottom of the eighth inning, courtesy of many players with jersey numbers over 60, aka players that won't make the Opening Day roster.

Speaking of that Opening Day roster, things aren't really set in stone there, as it's possible Jim Edmonds could be starting over Corey Hart. Part of that has to do with splits and numbers and all that good stuff, but the underlining fact here is that Hart has been struggling in Phoenix hitting just .127 on the season. Not very impressive for a guy many expect to have a turnaround this season.

That will all get straightened out within the next few days, but as for today the Brewers have one last game in Phoenix, against the home Arizona Diamondbacks. You can listen to that game live on the web if you very well please. After that, it's a Friday/Saturday set at Miller Park against the Tigers, and then finally, finally, the regular season begins.


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