Thursday, April 1, 2010

Bucks Let Cavs Off the Hook

The Milwaukee Bucks had all the chances in the world to knock off Cleveland Wednesday night, and the Bucks have no one to blame but themselves for this one. Yeah the Cavs took 45 free throws, and the Bucks only took nine. Still the Cavs also missed 16 free throws, so they kept us in the game that way. What really did in the Bucks was shots that would rattle in and out of the hoop. They had a lot of good looks that just missed. Lady luck was not on the side of the Bucks Wednesday night, but maybe they will get it once they get in the Playoffs.

All three teams chasing the Bucks all won last night, so with two games this weekend the Bucks better start making shots. This time of the year is not the time to start crying about your opponent shooting 36 more free throws than you. They just need to keep playing their game the way they have been all year.

The Bucks played a solid first half Wednesday to only be trailing the Cavs by two going into the locker room. The third quarter was when the wheels looked like they may be falling off. LeBron was off, but his teammates picked up the slack as the King only had two of the team's 25 points in the quarter. The Bucks on the other hand were ice cold from the field. Jennings got benched with 4:13, because he couldn't make anything. Luke Ridnour came off the bench to give this team a little spark, and the Bucks trailed by six after three quarters.

In the fourth Milwaukee started on a 6-0 run to tie the game early in the fourth. After back to back three pointers they took the lead. With 3:03 left Stackhouse hit a big three to put the Bucks up 92-88. This is when the Bucks could not just put the Cavs away. Bogut missed a lay up that could have up them up six. Milwaukee fouled J.J. Hickson twice, but Hickson only made one out of two shots during each trip to the line. So they had their chances to put this out of reach, but we just couldn't.

And of all people to put the Bucks away it was no one other than........................... Mo Williams. He made a big three late and also made free throws to get the win. The Bucks turned the ball over twice under 20 seconds left too, so that didn't help. Lets check out some highlights from this tough 101-98 defeat.

* John Salmons had a good game for the Bucks Wednesday. He finished with 28 points, 7 assists, and 5 rebounds. And of the nine times the Bucks actually did get to the line, Salmons was there for seven of them. He will earn himself the Bucks POTG for Wednesday.

* Luke Ridnour had a double double for the Bucks. He finished with 11 points, and 11 assists. BJ3 had an off day so good to see Ridnour step up and play well.

* Andrew Bogut also had a double double for the Bucks. He finished with 19 points, 12 rebounds, and 2 blocks. He did miss a bunny late that he need to just put down, and not try to lay it up. Also he should be able to own Hickson and Big Z.

* Already talked about the free throw difference, but let me remind you again. Bucks 8-9 from the line, while the Cavs were 29-45 from the line. Enough said.

* The one thing the Bucks did do very well was only allow the Cavs to score 7 points on the fast break.

* Going to give the Cavs as a whole the Hunter of the Night award for Wednesday night. They have five different players score in double figures which you don't see from this team very often. The Bucks did a good job of slowing down King James, but the rest of the players stepped up to the table.

Overall it was a tough loss to take for the Bucks. They have the Bobcats Friday night on the road, and they are a team that is hot right now. Needless to say, it's not going to be an easy one for the Bucks. They may drop right out of the 5th seed after this weekend if they don't start playing some better ball.


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