Saturday, April 17, 2010

Bucks Never Gave Up in Loss to Hawks

The Bucks haven't been in the playoffs in quite some time, and their first half was one that we would like to forget real fast. Brandon Jennings was the only player that really came to play early for the Bucks. At half Jennings had 20 points, and the next closest Buck was, well, four different people at four, yes four, points. So that is all I have to say about the first half of this one.

But the second half was when the Bucks did what the Bucks did all year. They played with heart,and also worked hard to get back into the game. I really thought this one was done at half, but this Bucks team made me believe again. The Bucks scored 14 points, 3 less than they did the whole first quarter in the first 5 minutes of the third quarter. With 36 seconds left in the third quarter the Bucks cut the lead down to seven. Things were looking good going into the fourth quarter, until stupid Mike Bibby made a three to put them up 10 again. Down 11 going into the fourth quarter was going to be hard to make up.

In the fourth quarter the Hawks would counter every shot the Bucks did make. So the third quarter comeback went to nothing, but the fact that the Bucks put fear in the Hawks eyes for the rest of the series sits well with me. This series could be far from over, but also on the other hand the Bucks may have used up everything they had in the second half. Either way this is a seven game series so there is plenty of time to rebound from this 102-92 loss

As for the highlights, well I want to go out to drink, we all know I have a drinking problem. The Bucks are not helping out at all so let's blame them for my drinking problem. But Brandon Jennings had 34 points, 3 rebounds, 3 assists. That is the Bucks POTG award for Saturday. He also was two points short of a record for most points for a rookie in his first playoff game. Wish he would have got it, because he played so well. They are back on the court Tuesday night at 6:00 central, lets hope the Bucks can steal one from Atlanta on their court.


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