Saturday, April 10, 2010

Cardinals Crush Crew

How do you respond to a game where you are one strike away from a victory, only to have had it taken away from you by a pinch hit home run? Well, you take the field on national television and get beat by that very same team, which is what the Brewers did as they lost to the Cardinals by a score of 7-1.

The hope for Milwaukee was that their ace, Yovani Gallardo, would deliver a strong performance in his first start since he signed his multi-year contract earlier in the week. Instead though it was the Cardinals' Jamie Garcia who looked as if he just signed a five-year, $30.1 million extension as Garcia was very sharp through his six innings of work, giving up just the one run. Gallardo, on the other hand, went just five innings, and gave up six runs off of five hits. It looked like he was having a good time at the Bucks game though later that evening, so good for him.

The difference between the starting pitchers was pretty much the difference in this one. That, and the fact that the Brewers always struggle on national television for some reason, which will bode well for them when they finish up this series tonight at 7:05pm on ESPN. It's a pretty decent pitching matchup, as our Randy Wolf is going to be taking on Chris Carpenter. So Wolf will need to be sharp, because going against Carpenter is never easy.

Hopefully though, the offense can muster up a few more hits and runs than they were able to on Saturday afternoon? Just how bad was the offense on Saturday? Well, Corey Hart is your Player of the Game.


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