Saturday, April 24, 2010

Cubs Crash Milwaukee's Party

You had to figure that after the Brewers scored 36 runs in three games against the Pirates that they would had a hard time producing runs against the Cubs, and that is exactly what happened on Friday night at Miller Park. The Brewers were only able to score just one run to the Cubs' eight, but I think we all know what the problem was in this game. I don't care how many runs the Brewers would have put on up Friday, because Jeff Suppan would have found a way to blow the game. Is that unfair to say? You've seen him pitch for the last three years, you tell me.

Suppan went just 4 1/3 innings in this game, giving up ten hits and six runs (five earned) in that time frame. As unimpressive as that line is, I think at this point the Brewers lose as soon as Suppan takes the mound. You can almost feel the mental deflation of the players and the crowd as soon as Suppan steps out on the field. Apparently the Brewers are having internal discussions about his role on the team, and I think now would be a great time for another fake injury to put him on the DL. At this point, I seriously think we as fans need to stop attending games where Jeff Suppan is the starting pitcher.

On the opposite side of the pitching box score, it was another game in which Ryan Dempster owned the Milwaukee Brewers. He and Carlos Marmol combined to give up just the one run, which was a Craig Counsell RBI double (although he was later called out at third on the same play). It was just one of those games that you have to forget about quickly and move on, but then again that's become the mantra of any Jeff Suppan pitched game.

Player of the Game: I'm going to give this again to Manny Parra, who has been pitching very well out of the bullpen. If someone does replace Suppan, I almost don't want it to be Parra because of how well he's adapted to the bullpen role. Parra pitched two innings in this game, allowing no hits and striking out four batters. Nice work.


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