Sunday, April 25, 2010

Cubs Take Another Series

Of the Brewers nine losses this season, four of those have already come by the hands of the Chicago Cubs. On that same token, of the Cubs eight wins this season, four of those of come against the Milwaukee Brewers. All that I know so far is I'm about as sick of the Cubs right now as the Pirates have to be of the Brew Crew.

The Cubs continued their dominance on Saturday night with a 5-1 victory over the Crew, mainly because of their pitching. Ted Lilly put the Brewers on lockdown allowing just three hits in six innings, but the story you'll see in the headlines will focus on Carlos Zambrano. Big Z came out of the bullpen for the first time in something like eight years and pitched a solid 1 1/3 innings. He did give up a run, but I guess the Cubs can justify that because he also chipped in with an RBI while at the plate. Either way, the Brewers got rocked for the second time in two nights, and it was largely due to the Cubs pitching.

That's a sad fact to acknowledge, because Doug Davis actually pitched halfway decent on Saturday night. Dougie ended up going 6 1/3 innings while striking out six batters (although it took him about three hours to do it, with how slow he pitches). There was a spot in the third inning where he ended up loading the bases and then got behind a batter with a 3-0 count, but he was somehow able to work out of it, which was quite impressive. I don't expect the world from Doug Davis, but it's nice to see him pitch a little better than he has been of late.

Even still, the Brewers once again did not do much offensively to put up a fight. It wasn't until Corey Hart hit an RBI single to left in the eighth inning that the Brewers were finally able to get on the board, and by then it was far too little too late. The Brewers better reclaim their bats on Sunday if they are to get a win in this series, but so far Milwaukee has won the last game of every series so that's at least something to be positive about. Dave Bush will take the bump against Randy Wells, with first pitch at 1:05pm.

POTG: Let's give it to Davis, why the hell not.


Cubs said...

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