Friday, April 2, 2010

Did You Skip Winks Thinks Again?

For those of you that still remember the Winks Thinks column, it's now been two weeks since I've written a new one. The reasons for why that is vary, but I guess going forward I'm going to try to continue writing it as much as possible. My problem is that if I don't have anything interesting to say, then I don't want to write a shitty column and waste everyones time. That, and I had some Celebrity Apprentice episodes to catch up on yesterday (probably shouldn't have shared that part). So to make this post worthwhile, I would say to expect a Winks Thinks about every other week, but in the mean time keep on coming back for the rest of our half-assed posts! Thank as always for reading.


CC said...

and your to busy being a whipped pussy and posting pictures of a stuffed bear.

Winks said...

It's a turtle Collin! Should I post those pictures on here I wonder?

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