Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Dream is Over

We here at The Bucky Channel have waited all season long to watch our new favorite hockey team, the Buffalo Sabres, do some damage in the postseason. With the Sabres getting the three seed in the East, we figured we were in for at least a month's worth of playoff hockey, hopefully more. But before we could really fully get behind this team, their season was over. Just like that.

You know, one of the biggest reasons we tried to get into hockey was because that usually in April we're left with little to cheer for. The Brewers are usually struggling to start the season, and the Bucks are nowhere to be found in the playoff race. But ironically enough, the year that we tried to get into hockey, basketball took center stage. Our new team's season was on the line but we were of no support, as we were actually at an actual playoff game, that of the Milwaukee Bucks.

And while the Bucks game's was quite amazing to be at in person, we're still a little sad tonight as the Sabres were upset by the Boston Bruins to lose the series four games to two. The final in game six was 4-3 in favor of Buffalo, and while it was a tight game the Sabres were just never able to get a lead. Ultimately, Boston is one hell of a place to play a hockey game if you're the away team, and the hostile environment coupled with a nearly series long injury to Thomas Vanek left the Sabres on the losing end.

Still, even though our team is out of the race it was a lot of fun finally getting into hockey this season, and now I can say I'm actually intrigued about how the whole Stanley Cup Playoffs will shake down. We're already looking forward to next year, when we plan on watching even more games and giving you even less coverage.


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