Friday, April 2, 2010

He Did it Again

Ladies and Gentlemen, your March rookie of the month, Brandon Jennings. The Young Buck helped the Bucks to a 11-4 record in the month. He finished the month with an average of 14.1 points, 5.1 assists, 3.4 rebounds, and 1.3 steals per game. I think the most he brings to this team is energy on the court, which people are overlooking. The guy has heart and loves to win, and this is something the Bucks have been looking for for years. They know have it now, and I think everyone else on the team is starting to believe in themselves.

He is in a battle with Kings rookie Tyreke Evans for Rookie of the Year. Stephen Curry from the Warriors is also getting looks, but the one thing these teams don't have is a winning record. Jennings best game of the month came against the Kings on the road when he scored 35 points, and he made eight three pointers. The Bucks won the game in overtime for a huge win that the Bucks needed. That has to speak volumes for his case for Rookie of the Year.

Jennings may have some off nights, but he is till young. The difference between him and Evans seems to be that the Bucks don't rely on Jennings every game to score all the points. The Bucks like to move the ball around, and find the hot hand. Some nights Jennings might be the hot hand, but some nights he may be the guy dishing out passes to the hot hand. He also gets in the face of people to maybe force turnovers that can change the game too. Would I take Curry or Evans on my team? I would for sure, but we got BJ3 so life is great.

Congrats again to Brandon Jennings, who becomes the first Eastern Conference rookie to win the monthly honor four times in one season (Oct/Nov, Dec, Jan, Mar). Hopefully he can get his April campaign off to a good start as the Bucks take on the Bobcats tonight at 6pm.


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