Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hoffman Blows.... Another Save

Oh, shit.

Just one day after I defended keeping Trevor Hoffman as our closer, he went ahead and blew another save on Wednesday afternoon against the Pittsburgh Pirates. It really is unfortunate to see that after how badly we've owned the Pirates lately, it's Trevor Hoffman that allows them to take two out of three in Milwaukee. For the first time in awhile, the Pirates took a series from the Crew after winning 6-5 in fourteen innings.

This was a game that looked like it was going to get ugly early, as Chris Narveson gave up three runs on two homers in the first innings. But he settled down quickly in his first start this season, as he ended up going five total innings and striking out six batters. The Pirates wouldn't be able to score on him anytime after the first inning, nor could they score of any of the relievers for that matter. Well, at least not until the 9th inning. But I digress.

The Brewers were already facing a 3-0 deficit before they got to the plate, but quickly turned things into a tie game with a two run shot by Carlos Gomez. Ryan Braun would later score on a wild pitch that inning, and then Corey Hart added a fourth inning home run. The Brewers had a 4-3 lead for the majority of this game, and then when the 9th came around, it was Trevor Time.

Hoffman must have thought that his role was to recreate Tuesday night's performance, because he once again gave up a home run to Ryan Doumit. After that happened, this game was all but over. They officially played a few more innings just for shits and giggles, but we all knew at that point that Pittsburgh would come out on top and that they did, winning 6-5.

This is a team right now that just can not get things figured out. We've had problems hitting, we've had problems with our starting pitching, but right now for the most part those are two things I'm okay with. The problem right now falls on our bullpen for two reasons. One is still the fate of Jeff Suppan. This game went deep enough that Macha actually burned through all of his relievers but Suppan, and he almost had to put him in during a meaningful situation, which is not at all the reason he went to the bullpen. This whole let's hide Suppan in the bullpen and pretend he's not here strategy needs to be fixed before it bites us in the ass.

The more pressing issue though of course is Trevor Hoffman, and if he struggles I'm not really sure if anyone else can step up and be the closer for this team. Todd Coffey has been a popular suggestion, maybe even Carlos Villanueva, but I think both of those pitchers are better suited for the roles that they are currently in and would only be short-term solutions at best.

It's sad, really. Right before our eyes we're seeing Trevor Hoffman fall from grace. Hopefully it's just not as bad as a certain Trevor before him...

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