Friday, April 30, 2010

It's Not Getting Any Better

Well, let me be quite frank with you. Doug Davis pitched four innings, and Jeff Suppan pitched four innings. How do you think the Brewers did?

The end result of course was another loss for the Milwaukee Brewers, as the Padres scored nine runs in the fourth and fifth innings to get the 9-0 victory. Things were actually going alright for Doug Davis until that fourth inning, when he gave gave up four runs. As of right now, Doug Davis has just not been a good free agent acquisition, and it's getting worse every start. What's worse than that is that the man to relieve him was the one, the only, Jeff Suppan.

Suppan's performance wasn't much better, as he allowed three earned runs himself. Soup has been getting a lot of work lately, which is a direct result of how poorly our pitching staff has been doing in the last few games. Basically, if Jeff Suppan is going to be the garbage pitcher than the less work the better. But for that to happen, the Brewers actually have to play decent baseball. And that's just not happening right now.

I'm going on a mini-vacation over the weekend, so I'm going to try not to stress out about the Brewers too much at this current time. Posting here will be light over the next couple of days, with the exception of Gweeds checking in on the Bucks, which really should be our only priority right now, because what they are doing is incredible. So check back through the weekend for that, and then be sure to head back here on Sunday night for a complete recap of this Brewers series and much much more.

For the five of you still reading this blog, that is. JK LOL.

POTG: I don't know, Braun?


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