Sunday, April 25, 2010

Karma Gets Back at Brewers

It was all gumdrops and sugarplums for the Brewers when they beat up on the Pirates last week, but they were definitely feeling the opposite effects of that series when they took on the Cubs at Miller Park. After beating the Pirates by a total of 36-1 in three games, the Cubs returned the favor by outscoring the Brewers 24-5 over the weekend. The Brewers have now lost five of six to the Cubs on the young season, and it's become apparent that the Brewers don't have what it takes to compete with quality opponents, and least not with this pitching staff.

Dave Bush has actually been one of the guys that I thought was pitching well before Sunday, but he gave up home run after home run to the Cubs in the final game of the series. Bush ended up going just 3 2/3 innings, allowing ten hits, four homers, and nine runs (seven earned) in the process. It was a very awful performance from Bush, one that he better get over quickly.

For a while, it looked like Macha was just going to let Bush cook out there, mainly because he didn't have a lot of options to go to in the bullpen. He finally gave in and trotted Claudio Vargas out there, and he struggled as well. Coffey, Hawkins, Villanueva, and Hoffman all got some work in as well, but after depleting the bullpen today Yovani Gallardo better be ready to go more than five innings on Monday .

And Monday actually can't some soon enough for the Brewers, because as fate would have they're right back up against the Pittsburgh Pirates. Hopefully having beat them up pretty good last week, the Brewers have the confidence to play like the team they can play like, instead of just showing up to the party expecting to lose as it appears they did against the Cubs.

POTG: Joe Inglett gets in it a pinch hitting performance in which he also took over for Rickie Weeks, going 2-for-3 with an RBI.


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