Sunday, April 11, 2010

McGehee Saves Hoffman, Brewers

Trevor Hoffman may be the Brewers closer, but Casey McGehee saved this game. After Hoffman gave up back-to-back home runs to Albert Pujols and Matt Holiday to blow a three run Milwaukee lead, McGehee made all well again when he sit a solo shot to win the game in the bottom of the ninth. It was a game that the Brewers were in control of throughout, although they couldn't quite put the Cardinals away until the final pitch. In the end though, McGehee's homer lead the Crew to the 8-7 victory.

It's a rare win for the Brewers on national television, and they got off on the right foot early. Rickie Weeks leadoff the bottom of the first with a home run, followed by a Corey Hart home run in the second innings. Milwaukee tacked on two runs in the third inning as well, thanks to Cardinals third baseman David Freese. Two errors by Freese in the inning put Milwaukee up 4-0, and while it may have been a rough inning for him, it did give us a few laughs and remind us of this video classic, puns by the original Mr. Freeze:

After that, the Cardinals got to Randy Wolf, but Wolf did turn in a pretty decent performance. Wolf went 6 2/3 innings, giving up six hits and four runs, although only two runs were earned. We still haven't had real strong outing form one of our starting pitchers yet, but this performance wasn't all that bad.

The Brewers tacked on a few more runs in the fifth inning, including a home run from Ryan Braun (finally, now let's get in the game as well Prince), and took the 7-4 lead into the top of the 9th. It should be noted that they really did a nice job getting to Cardinals' pitcher Chris Carpenter in this one. But Trevor Time couldn't get the save, although he does get credited with a win in one of those quirky baseball situational stats. I've gotten a few text messages already saying that Hoffman is done, I would say to that let's not start building the Ark just because it's sprinkling. I actually just made that up, feel free to use it (I'm sure it's been said before though).

So with one week down, the Brewers find themselves at even. Three wins, three losses. Next up is a three game set with the Cubbies in Wrigley Field, with games on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. After that, it's a three game set with the Nats. Hopefully they can put together a winning week this week and get on the right side of .500. First pitch scheduled on Monday for 1:20pm.


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