Saturday, April 24, 2010

Packers Keep Adding Depth on Day Three

Don't be too angry, Ted, you had yourself a pretty successful draft this weekend. It wasn't your most flashy of drafts, but it didn't need to be. Thompson put together a very decent Class of 2010, most of whom will be used primarily in backup roles this season, but could possibly step in next year if some of the veterans don't step up this season. It wasn't a perfect draft - I would have liked to see at least one cornerback taken - but it was very solid. Since I'm admittedly very bad at college football, I don't know much about these guys that Thompson took. So instead of me trying to fake my way through this, we'll use the synopsis from to learn a little more about the new "Packer People".

Round 5 - Pick 23 - Andrew Quarless - TE - Penn State

After three years of inconsistency and off-the-field issues, Quarless finished off his senior year with 41 receptions and an excellent Bowl game against LSU where he caught a team-high eight passes. Quarless had two issues with underage drinking, one in 2008 where he was charged for DUI and one in 2007. He is a good sized TE with athleticism and body control going for him but needs to learn to take care of business in the offseason if he wants to impress coaches at the next level. He does not block as strong as someone his size should and is not very aggressive when blocking in line.

Round 5 - Pick 38 - Marshall Newhouse - OT - TCU

Newhouse comes from a strong football family but does not show the kind of instincts and mental awareness than you'd expect from someone with that kind of background. As long as the defensive front plays pretty vanilla in terms of stunts and twists, he shows no hesitations or indecision, but he can be late to react and adjust when he sees something for the first time. He shows good initial quickness and speed but struggles when he has to adjust on the move or react to counter moves. He was a quality starter at left tackle for the past three years at TCU but will probably find a better fit inside at guard at the next level.

Round 6 - Pick 24 - James Starks - RB - Buffalo

Starks missed the 2009 season after undergoing surgery to repair his shoulder. He is a converted running back and had consecutive thousand yard seasons in 2007 and 2008. He has a little wiggle to him as he hits the hole and can veer off course after getting to the second level to make the first man miss but is not a top cut-back runner. He has a good burst through the hole and shows the speed to take it all the way once he gets to the open field.

Round 7 - Pick 23 - C.J. Wilson - DE - East Carolina

Wilson has been a durable active defender for the Pirates over the past two seasons. He has good edge quickness and speed to close to the quarterback as a pass rusher. He is an instinctive player who feels pad pressure well to maintain his gap responsibility. Questions remain about his ability to be an effective coverage defender on zone blitzes or if he can project to outside linebacker due to his lack of great lateral agility and quickness. Wilson should be able to give a team good depth with his natural strength, toughness and intangibles as a 4-3 defensive end.

So there you have it, some recaps about our draft picks that I did not write at all. I hope this doesn't count as plagiarism, I mean I did credit, didn't I? I'm safe, right? Oh well, Go Pack.


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