Thursday, April 1, 2010

Packers Preseason Schedule Released

Enter a Google Image Search under the phrase "Packers Preseason", and the majority of the pictures that come up are going to look like the one above, as in they feature the Tennessee Titans. This year, for the first time in what seems like since they've been in the Houston Oilers, the Packers will not play the Titans in August.

Their opponents are as follows - vs. Cleveland Browns, at Seattle Seahawks, vs. Indianapolis Colts, and at Kansas City. The exact dates haven't all been announced, but you can look at the tentative dates here. The one game which does have a set date is the game against the Colts, which will take place on Thursday, August 26th on ESPN.

Besides the Colts, no team in there really scares me too much, but then again that really shouldn't matter as this is just the preseason. That's something that I need to remind myself of, because last year I was ready to anoint the Packers as Super Bowl champs after one half against the Arizona Cardinals. I need to make sure that no matter what happens this preseason, it's just the preseason. Still, I'm already excited. But not too excited of course.


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