Monday, April 19, 2010

Scott Stapp Probably Won't Like This

Last week we talked a little bit about why the Marlins attendance figures were so low this season, and it was because before every game they play a song about the team by Scott Stapp of Creed fame. If you haven't guessed, the song is pretty bad as Stapp basically just throws out random baseball terms and tries to turn it into a song. Major League Baseball keeps taking the video down a) because of copyright issues and b) because they know it blows. Here's the only version of the real video that I could find, if you want a refresher.

The reason I bring this back up is because my new favorite radio station, 790 The Ticket out of Miami, has come up with an excellent "remake" of Stapp's disaster. It's actually so good I'm not sure if the Marlins may be considering replacing the Stapp version with this one. In all honesty though, it's hard not to feel for Marlins fans as a result of this song. I know if I lived down there, I would never enter the ballpark before the first inning. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Hey cool people live in florida!!

RWegs said...

I'm not sure which part is worse about this clip. Is it:

a. Scott Stapp was asked to sing the National Anthem

b. There are only 13 people in the stands.


c. 11 of the 13 people actually cheered before, during, and after.

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