Friday, April 16, 2010

Scott Stapp Strikes Again

Before today, there were already plenty of reasons to hate Scott Stapp. His band, Creed, paved a movement to destroy music and has succeeded in gaining disciplines such as Shinedown, Audioslave, and Nickelback. He started to sell out by going mainstream instead of following his passion which was Christian Rock. And he legally changed his name from Alan Scott Stapp to Scott Alan Stapp because he's that cool. But none of them are as bad as what he is putting the Florida Marlins fanbase through this season:

Listen to that again. I dare you. We always knew that Stapp was a lyrics genius (cough, cough), but anyone that could come up with the lyrics "a diving catch, a stolen base, a perfect game, a triple play" needs to be enshrined in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame right this second. Hell, throw him in Cooperstown as well. Seriously, if this is the kind of stuff they are playing at Marlins games than I can understand why that stadium already looks so empty.

Worst song ever.


Andy said...

(Copy and Paste lyrics to our Scott Stapp Song Here)

Anonymous said...

A & B strikes again!!!

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