Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Sign of Things to Come?

Brandon Jennings was kicked between the legs, Kurt Thomas tried to have it out with Glen Davis, and Scott Skiles was ejected from the game. My goodness, do I hope the Bucks meet up with the Boston Celtics in the playoffs, because this could be one hell of a series.

Of course, I would also like it because I think the Bucks can matchup better with the aging Celtics than with the high-flying Atlanta Hawks, although the Celtics did get the upper hand Saturday night at the Bradley Center. Paul Pierce was on a mission in the second half, and he lead Boston to a 105-90 victory over our beloved deer.

The Celtics win puts the season series at 2-1 in their favor, and it's a series that seems to be picking up intensity as it goes. When the two teams met in early March, things got pretty physical but the Bucks were able to come out on top. However, that was when the Bucks still had Andrew Bogut healthy enough to run up and down the court. With or without him though, this rivalry is beginning to heat up, and one way or another it's not over yet. They'll matchup again in the regular season finale in Boston on Wednesday, and then a potential playoff matchup could be looming.

As for this actual game though, it was a pretty close game until the fourth quarter, when the Celtics outscored the Bucks 37-25. You'd like to see the Bucks keep up the momentum and get as many wins as they can down the stretch, so it's unfortunate to see they struggled a bit near the end, which is actually when the tempers started to flare. Then again, a loss to a team you may be playing seven more games with isn't the worst thing, because there's the school of thought that you don't want to tip your hand too much, although I'm not sure how much that would apply in basketball.

It's a very interesting end of the season as the Bucks last three games on the schedule are Boston (this game), Atlanta (Monday), and Boston (Wednesday). When the regular season is over, it's going to be either Atlanta or Boston as the Bucks opponent in the first round of the playoffs. Again, I'd like to see them play Boston because I think they have a better shot against them, but we'll see what happens against Atlanta tomorrow.

As for a Player of the Game, we'll give to it John Salmons. He led the Bucks with 21 points, ten of which came from the free throw line. Getting to the line is one of the things the Bucks need to work on the most, as they have all season, so we'll give him props for getting it done.


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