Sunday, April 25, 2010

Suppan One Step Closer to Getting Cut

Even though the Brewers are in the middle of getting shelled by the Cubs right now, there is a silver lining to today's events. It appears that Jeff Suppan - after only just two starts - has been moved out of the starting rotation and will be replaced by Chris Narveson. I think this move is almost the complete opposite of the Carlos Zambrano move. The Cubs moved Zambrano to the pen because they needed help, the Brewers moved Suppan into a relief role because they need to stash him somewhere.

To me, this is just one step closer to the eventual releasing of Jeff Suppan, which I predict should happen sometime in the middle of the season, similar to how the Crew released Bill Hall mid-summer despite his heavy contract. With Suppan moving into the bullpen, the Brewers now only have one left-hander in a relief role, and that is Manny Parra. In a perfect world, the Brewers would cut Suppan and bring lefty Mitch Stetter back up, but this organization is trying to save face by keeping Suppan as long as possible. I'm not sure how long they can really afford that though if they want to contend, especially with how the Brewers are currently playing right now (as of this post, Milwaukee is losing to Chicago 9-0 in the fourth inning).

I understand that Doug Melvin wants to have a little pride in this situation, but at some point you have to cut bait. Hopefully that happens sooner rather than later.


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