Saturday, April 3, 2010

Wave Going For Title This Weekend

Bill Simmons' Ewing theory - the theory where a team gets better after the departure of their superstar - may be taking effect for the Milwaukee Wave this weekend. You see, last season I was part of their public relations staff (as in I made $50 a month for an internship), and the Wave failed to reach the title game. This season, they have been on fire and they are set to take on Monterrey La Raza on Sunday night for the MISL Championship. The game will actually be broadcast live on FSN Wisconsin with the kickoff at 5pm.

Let's have a little refresher on how we got here. You see, indoor soccer in America is about as stable as the NBC late-night lineup (outdated reference alert). Leagues have been coming and going for years, and last season the Milwaukee Wave found themselves in a four team league called the XSL. Well, that didn't work out, and the Wave were left without a league. Actually, the future of the franchise was in doubt as Chuckie Krause wanted to sell the team and couldn't find a buyer. But all worked out in the end, and the Wave found themselves as the 5th member of the MISL.

Now, making the finals of a five team league is like making the State Tournament for a girls hockey team in Wisconsin, it's almost harder not to make it. But give the Wave credit for getting to this point, and also for playing well enough this season to host the final. I'd look up more about their record and stats, but that would require effort on my part. What I can tell you is that they are taking on a team - Monterrey La Raza - that is based out of Mexico. So that's interesting.

Good luck to the Wave tomorrow, and make sure you check this game out on your television if you don't get the chance to actually attend the game in person.


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