Saturday, April 24, 2010

Where is Michael Redd?

The Bucks have returned back to Milwaukee tonight for game three of their series against the Atlanta Hawks, the first time that the Bradley Center has seen a playoff game since the middle of last decade. But our poster boy during that playoff drought won't be in attendance, and I don't think that could be any more fitting. Bucks GM John Hammond has confirmed that Michael Redd won't be back in Milwaukee for the playoffs, instead he'll be home rehabbing back in Columbus, Ohio.

I have been an advocate of getting rid of Michael Redd since well before I started this blog, and I think this season is a perfect indication of why the Bucks are better without him. But it still is a very telling sign that he won't even make it back to watch his team - because remember, he is still on this roster - especially as they are in the playoffs. My biggest gripe on Mike Redd since he's been here is that he's never really been a team guy, and that he has always been in it for himself. I think this just proves that notion.

If he's not going to bother coming back for the playoffs, then don't bother ever coming back at all.


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