Monday, April 12, 2010

Worst Broadcast Crew Ever

I was going to mention this briefly in my post regarding the Brewers 8-7 victory over the Cardinals, but this deserves it's own space. The announcers on ESPN's Sunday Night Baseball - Jon Miller, Joe Morgan, and Orel Hershiser - are the worst collection of announcers in any sport, on any network. On one hand, they do have the kind of announcing voices that make you feel like you are watching a big-time game, but on the other hand they suck. I know realize why there was a blog out there for so many years called Fire Joe Morgan.

To sum up how bad these guys are, I'll quote my friend Shep - "It's like listening to three guys in a senior center. All telling different stories at once." I really can't sum it up better than that. Each of them had their problems - Hershiser was talking about how he's driving around at 2am in the morning, Joe Morgan was showing us nothing relevant by just playing around with the ESPN Axis, and Jon Miller thought Corey Hart was both Ryan Braun and Casey McGehee at different points in the game.

It is always nice to see the Brewers on national television to kind of get a different perspective, different announcers, and hell even different graphics, but these three guys just destroy the games that they are watching. Milwaukee actually will be on ESPN Sunday Night baseball again May 16th against the Phillies. Might have to be a Uecker night.


Mary Dassow said...

I AGREE, that was the abosulte WORST announced game I have ever heard. Fire them all especially Joe, come on it was terrible!

CC said...

But seriously, What is a small market?

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