Monday, May 17, 2010

At Least We Didn't Lose at Home Again

Ah...... sigh. You know, baseball is such a game of swings and streaks, but that still doesn't make stretches of consecutive losses like this any easier. After Monday night's 6-3 loss to the Reds in Cincinnati, you can make that seven straight losses for the Crew. At this point, sports directors all over the state are gathering as much Willie Randolph footage as possible, just in case, you know, the Brewers try to do something about all this.

I don't actually see Ken Macha getting fired, at least not at this point in the season. But something has to change, but things are just getting downright brutal at this point. The one positive about all of this is that even as the Brewers are struggling, so is the rest of the NL Central. Technically Milwaukee lost to the division's first place team tonight, but this is the Reds we're talking about. Don't expect them to be in first place for long, but then again don't expect the rest of the NL Central to struggle forever either. The Brewers have to start to turn things around.

Another positive thing here is that the Brewers did get a decent start from their starting pitching in Yovani Gallardo, although he still was unable to go more than six innings. Gallardo threw 120 times during those six frames, but he did step up when he needed to including getting out of a bases loaded jam in the sixth inning. Gallardo gave up just the one run, and the Brewers were in the game when he exited, which is all you can really ask for.

As we've talked about before though, if the bullpen does well it's after the starters have struggled, and after the starters do well it's the bullpen that collapses. The latter happened on Monday, as Todd Coffey gave up not one, not two, but five runs in the seventh inning and that was pretty much your ballgame. Suppan ate up some time after that, but Coffey's struggles cost the team on Monday.

The Brewers only plated just three runs in this game, but this was a game where they were thrown out at home plate... twice. One man who did cross the plate twice though was Corey Hart, who had two home runs in the contest. I know one of my cardinal rules is to not bring up my fantasy teams, but I just traded Corey Hart away! Sad, but good for Corey. Let's give him a bone and give him the POTG.

It's a short series for the two teams, as the second and final game will be an early one tomorrow starting at 11:35 Wisconsin time. Manny Parra will get the start against my boy Homer Bailey. Please don't lose this one for us Manny, because I really don't want to pull out the lazy "Eight is Enough" headline for when the Brewers lose.


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