Monday, May 10, 2010

Brewers Struggle Again at Home

In a very rollercoaster season so far already this year, the Brewers have posted a very impressive 11-8 record on the road. But their record after Monday night's loss to the Braves sits at 15-17, which means they are 4-9 at Miller Park. It's a little surprising to see the Brewers struggling that poorly at home, especially when they get beat as convincingly as they did in game one of this series.

It started off as a slowly paced ballgame, which is always the case when Doug Davis is on the mound. Coming of his first win of the season last week, Davis got off to a decent start not allowing any runs in the first four innings. But the Braves got on board in the 5th, and then piled six runs on in the sixth inning off both Bush and Manny Parra, most being the courtesy of Martin Prado and his grand slam. Pretty much over after that.

The Brewers mustered a few hits here and there, but never scored until the bottom of the 9th when Casey McGehee hit a two run homer to win our Player of the Game award by default.

The big news out of the night however was twofold regarding some injury concerns, the first being that of Ryan Braun. Braun got hit my a pitch on his left elbow by Braves pitcher Tommy Hanson, who then repeatedly threw to first base to get Braun to slide into the bag. Braun didn't end up finishing the game, but he did stay in awhile after the injury. I think he'll be alright, and if he's not seriously hurt then he should be in the lineup again on Tuesday.

Carlos Gomez will not be in the lineup however, as the Brewers put him on the DL after he hurt himself running out of a pickle last week. Outfielder Adam Stern was called up from Nashville to take his place, and I'd expect to see we get a few more starts out of Joe Inglett while Gomez is on the disabled list.


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