Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bucks Check Out Hughes

With the season over now it is time to focus on who the Bucks can add to this team to get past the first round of the playoffs next season. I don't think Trevon Hughes is that person, but he did get a chance to work out for the Bucks. He could be a good second round pick for a team that needs a guy that can score off the bench. I have to give Hughes credit in that he is one tough son of a bitch on the court. He worked hard every year for the Badgers, and seemed to make them better every year also. He worked out Monday for the Bucks who had two different groups work out. A total of 12 players worked out, and I would say Trevon was the biggest name of them all.

The Bucks scouts said they liked his toughness and competitiveness. They also said that he should open eyes of some other NBA teams. I guess a lot of people felt that he was a streaky shooter in college, but really who isn't. Everyone has their bad games, as demonstrated by Brandon Jennings not shooting lights out all season either. Will the Bucks draft Hughes, my guess would be no. Will he get his shot in the NBA? To that, my answer would be yes.

If you would like to check out the other people that worked out Monday click this link to JSonline.com.


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