Friday, May 7, 2010

Bucks Suvivor: Round Two

The mere fact that there are people that come here, even if it's once a week, to read the things that we write already means the world to me. But then the fact that you guys voted Michael Redd - the former face of the Bucks franchise - off of Bucks Survivor in the first round just melts my heart. I really can't thank you guys enough, because just writing that guy's name makes my blood coil (I think that word works, right?). Seriously, I can't thank you enough.

Last Week: Bucks Survivor Season Three kicked off with another year of Veterans vs. Young Bucks, and the youngsters won the Bucks Player of the Game challenge. The young guys averaged seven POTGs per player, while the veterans averaged just three. Upon further review, I forgot to factor Charlie Bell into the averages, but the young guys still would have won anyway. Real solid blogging there, Winks. Nonetheless, the Veterans were put on the block, except for John Salmons who was granted immunity.

This Week: The contest this week is points per game, and obviously the team with the highest amount of PPG per average will be safe. It's that simple folks. Now let me add up some numbers.

Results: The Young Bucks stats are as follows - Bogut (15.9), Jennings (15.5), Delfino (11.0), Ilyasova (11.0), Bell (6.5), Mbah a Moute (6.2), Jackson (2.0), Ivey (1.3). That's an average of 8.7 points per game. The Veterans come in with Salmons (19.9), Ridnour (10.4), Stackhouse (8.5), Thomas (3.0), Gadzuric (2.8), Brezec (1.0). That's an average of 7.6 points per game, and I think they would have won this challenge had Michael Redd still been around. That's a shame, because I was really trying to find a contest that put the younger guys on the chopping block because of their stacked numbers though. Oh well though, we do have some really shitty old guys so I have no problem with this.

Voting: John Salmons gets immunity once again, although it's looking more and more like the Bucks not retain his services. But that's not the point of the game. The point is to vote out which Buck you want to see run out of town before the other ones, and you can vote for which player you'd like to eliminate at the top right of this blog. Voting ends Tuesday at 6:00pm.


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