Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bucky Does a Podcast

Two years ago when I started this site, my main goal was to one day appear as a guest on a radio show. Well, I got close enough this week as I was able to appear as a guest on another blog's podcast. Nevermind the fact that the belong belongs to a friend of mine, it makes the story less cool that way. But the website is Al Davis Plus the Points, a site with the tagline "the only thing better than sports, boozing, and gambling, is Al Davis". Makes sense to me.

Nevertheless, I was the guest on the podcast this week, more for the "Channel" and less for the "Bucky". In their podcast, they review the series finales of both 24 and Lost, and I give my input on both of them. I said earlier in the week that I've been going back and forth on the Lost finale, and I pretty much do the same again here. But still, check it out here if you have the chance, although if you don't want to be spoiled on either finale then I'd recommend skipping out on this chance to hear my lovely voice.


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