Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Capuano Heads to Nashville

Many pitchers call it quits after one Tommy John surgery, but Chris Capunao is trying to make it to the big leagues after two Tommy John surgeries. The 31-year old's journey back became a little closer to fruition when he was called up from Brevard County in Single-A up to Nashville in Triple-A, and I imagine he'll be in Nashville for awhile as he continues to rebuild his arm.

Capuano did well in Single A ball, going 2-0 in three starts and posting a 1.23 with fourteen strikeouts. But Nashville will be the true test. He'll still be used as a starter, and I've always imagined that he'd be back in a Brewers uniform someday. It's been so long since Cappy has pitched for us though, that I think I am remembering him as someone better than he really was, and then once we see him after all the hype we'll be vastly disappointed. You know, like the exact same way I feel about tonight's episode of Lost.

But I digress. We'll definitely be monitoring Capuano's process, and hopefully we can root for him at Miller Park sometime later this season. Lord knows he's worked his ass off for that reward.


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