Sunday, May 30, 2010

Corey Hart is On Fire

I know that I don't like it when people talk about their fantasy teams because it's about as interesting as talking about your dreams, but I can not get over the fact that I traded Corey Hart two weeks ago. The trade was a minor one, I was giving up Kris Medlen of the Braves for Juan Uribe of the Giants. But my trading partner also had Nate McLouth, who sucks this year, and I had Corey Hart, who had been sucking. We were both frustrated with our two outfielders, so we just threw them in the deal. Lo and behold, I got fucked (and this sentence continues our ongoing struggle whether or not we want to swear on the blog).

Hart has been on an absolute tear, and not here's something you never thought would happen. Heading into Sunday he was leading the National League in home runs. Yes, we are still talking about Corey Hart here. He hit two of those home runs, one actually a grand slam, which gave Milwaukee an 8-6 victory over the New York Mets on Saturday. Hart had a total of six RBI in the game, and is clearly our Player of the Game for his efforts. It's the kind of play that we have been waiting for from Hart since he became an All-Star two years ago only to end up struggling, both offensively and defensively, since then.

I traded Hart before this home run tear of his happened, but there have been pleas to Doug Melvin to trade this guy for the last few seasons. With this hot streak, Brewers Bar argues that there is no better time than now to trade Hart. Their main argument:

The Brewers are still unlikely to contend this year, thanks to the hole they dug for themselves with the 9-game losing streak. If you're going to entertain trade offers for Fielder, you might as well trade Hart -- a guy many people were expecting to get non-tendered after this season -- while you're at it.

Interesting point, and even though the Brewers are on a little bit of a winning pattern, they still don't seem like true playoff contenders to me. Still, there are plenty of months left to go through on the calendar before October, so you never know. If you're looking long term, hell yeah, trade him. But if we think we have a shot at this thing, if he continues to play like this we'd be foolish to get rid of him. In fact, Pocket Doppler suggests that Hart could play a role for the Crew in the future, perhaps at a different position:

Rather than breaking the bank on Prince Fielder, whose price will be astronomical, perhaps an idea is to deal Fielder and move Hart to first base, his original minor league position. Fielder would bring much more in trade and give the team far greater salary relief; dealing Prince would also create a hole at first, a gap that does not seem to have a ready solution in the team’s minor league system. Meanwhile, back-filling for Hart in right is a much easier problem to solve with the likes of Lo Cain and Mat Gamel.

It's definitely a decision Melvin will have to make this season, something that I think will depend entirely on where this team is come the trading deadline. I never really thought about the possibility of sticking Hart at first, but boy would it be nice to not see him crashing blindly into the right field wall ever again.

Regardless, for the time being Corey Hart is a Milwaukee Brewer, and right now a very valuable one. Without Hart, who knows if the Brewers would have recovered from a not so spectacular 4 2/3 innings from Manny Parra and Marco Estrada in Saturday's game. Great game from Hart, and we would though like to give props to Todd Coffey (2 1/3 scoreless relief innings, picked up the win), George Kottaras (home run), and John Axford (looked great picking up the save).


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