Friday, May 28, 2010

Gallardo Goes Complete, Cappy Called Up

If you're a Brewers fan, you had to think that a day like Friday would never come again, for two reasons. Not only did the news come down late that Chris Capuano will be back in a Brewers uniform (more on that later), but we saw something we haven't seen in well over a year - a complete game by a Milwaukee Brewers pitcher. Yovani Gallardo had his best stuff of the year without question on Friday, going the full nine innings, allowing eight hits, yet striking out seven batters. The last time a Brewer pitcher went complete was back in April of last season, so, it's well overdue to say the least.

The thing was though, there was a very real possibility that even with Gallardo going nine innings he still wasn't going to pick up the complete game. That's because when he went back into the dugout before the bottom of the 9th inning, the score was still tied 0-0. For as good as Gallardo was, the Mets' Johan Santana was even better, but Santana was lifted in the 9th inning and wouldn't have the chance to go nine himself.

The Miller Park faithful began to think that a 9th inning win was possible after Ryan Braun got on base, however Casey McGehee was unable to move him over. With two outs, the game was on the line and Corey "The Fact That I Traded Him Two Weeks Ago For Nate McLouth Shows You Just How Bad I Am At Fantasy" Hart hit a 2-run shot into the Brewers bullpen to give Milwaukee the 2-0 victory (or 1-0, if you ask party boy Witrado). Another walk-off win for Milwaukee, and the Brewers have now won four of their last five games. Not the best accomplishment ever, but after that horrid losing stretch we just sat though, this is more than welcome.

What an awesome game this must have been to go to, as you probably would have witnessed one of the finest pitching duels this season. When this game was being hyped as Santana vs. Gallardo, pessimistically I assumed that Santana would get the better end of that feud. But Gallardo kept the pace and was able to go the full nine, and then thankfully his offense finally helped him out in the end. Just an awesome game, and hopefully this momentum can continue through the holiday weekend. No question, your player of the game tonight is Yovani Gallardo.

Now, to speak a little bit about the aforementioned roster move. There were many people that doubted him, but somehow he did it - Chris Capuano is back in the major leagues. Cappy will be summoned up from Nashville on Saturday, as Doug Melvin realized that he didn't want Capuano to exercise the out clause in his contract if he wasn't called up by the weekend. Plus, it's not like Cappy has been struggling in Nashville, he's actually been quite solid. He will join the team in Milwaukee on Monday and presumably head to the starting lineup, at least I would hope. No word yet on who is being sent down, but the speculation says that Marco Estrada will go back and retain his starters role with the Sounds.

In one other bit of random pitching news, you'll never guessed who pitched for the Boston Red Sox on Friday night. The man was none other than Bill Hall, who coincidentally pitched against his former manager Ned Yost, as the Sox were taking on the Royals. I was able to catch Hall's ninth inning and holy buckets if that guy didn't actually look decent. The NESN gun said Hall reached 88 at one point, and he kept a lot of his pitches down to either get the called strike or force a ground ball. You have wonder, with how bad our bullpen has historically been, if Hall wouldn't have been a better option at times than the likes of Eric Gagne and Derrick Turnbow. Crazy to see Hall not only pitch, but actually look like a halfway decent pitcher.

Back to the Crew, they'll get another start out of Manny Parra on Saturday and then finish the weekend series against the Mets on Sunday, with a (dont forget!) afternoon game in Florida on Monday. With it being the holiday weekend, things will be a little slower around here than normal, but I imagine we'll have Saturday's recap up before Sunday's game starts. Check back for more and hey, if I'm not on here I'm kind of obsessed with this Twitter bullshit right now, so check us out on the Tweet Machine.


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