Monday, May 24, 2010

Gulp... We're on Twitter

It's something I swore I'd never do, but then again I always swore I'd never go down on.... actually I'll leave that one to the imagination. Nah, just playing. But often I've felt that Twitter was just one of the worst things in the history of America, even worse than the suggested act I may have been referencing. But then I realized that I can manage an account there, have all my posts updated to the site, without even having to do a damn thing! So that's what I did.

I'm sure occasionally I'll delve into it a little more as I figure this thing out, and by no means will I ever focus on Twitter more than I focus on this site. But Twitter is a real medium, and it's one that I guess I'll register for until the next popular social networking site comes along. I still think that any site that only gives you 140 characters to express an opinion is a little backwards, but we're on it. Hopefully, if any of you have this wonderful little application you'll follow me, it's pretty easy., or @thebuckychannel, or #thebuckychannel, I don't know what all that means.

See you on Twitter.

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