Friday, May 14, 2010

Hawks Won't Resign Mike Woodson

I can't say that the reason Mike Woodson isn't coming back to coach Atlanta is because the Milwaukee Bucks took his Hawks team 7 games, but I have a good feeling that this helped the Hawks know that he wasn't the man for the job. You can't take anything away from the way the guy coaches in the regular season, but come playoff time he just isn't getting the job done.

Under Woodson, the Hawks were 11-18 throughout their playoff runs. But during this last regular season Coach Woodson led the Hawks to a 53 win season. They also locked up the three seed in the East, so they could face a hurting Bucks team. Well that backfired on them, after taking a 2-0 lead in the series the Bucks would win the next three game. If the Hawks would have just swept Milwaukee like they really should have, or beat them in five games, they maybe would have had energy against the Magic.

In the second round Orlando took advantaged of a team that was pushed to the max in the first round. Orlando beat the Hawks in four game by the biggest margin of victory in playoff history. They beat them by a total of 110 points in four games, but that's what happens when one team plays four first round games and the other plays seven first round games. Atlanta has players that should put up a good fight against most teams. But Woodson just couldn't handle this team, and he couldn't keep them focused on the prize. This team might really fall apart if Joe Johnson doesn't return to the team.

When you see things like this you have to be really thankful that Milwaukee has a coach like Scott Skiles. If you would have told me after game one against the Hawks that there was going to be a game seven I would have thought you were nuts. So again, I can't say for sure that the Bucks kept Woodson from getting resigned, but they did help make it the decision for the Hawks easier. I'm not sure who will take over for Woodson, but who in their right mind would want to coach a guy like Mike Bibby anyway. Best of luck to Mike "Woodchuck" Woodson on his future. But I don't see him getting another coaching job anytime soon.


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Is that Mike Brown?

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