Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Here's a Borderline Post

While doing some random internet browsing yesterday, I saw that P.J. Hill was claimed off of waivers by the New Orleans Saints. As a former Badger, I was intrigued by the news, although I wasn't really sure how "postworthy" it was. If this blog was my full-time job I'd post it right away for sure, but since it's more of a full-time hobby I'm not sure how relevant this "news" is (sorry about using air quotes twice already in the first paragraph).

As you can hopefully tell, we try to update this as much as possible, but with us having day jobs and being hungover most of the time, we do miss some things from time to time. What I don't want to happen is a situation where I'm unable to post for a few days the big news that Jeff Suppan is getting cut because I'm busy (it will happen soon enough), but then I chuck up a P.J. Hill story up right away because I'm bored at home.

Upon further review, I would that you could have probably gone on living your life just fine if you didn't know about P.J. Hill's new team. But hindsight is 20/20 I guess.


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