Friday, May 14, 2010

Iron on NFL Network Tonight

For those of you lucky enough to get the greatest network on television, the NFL Network, you have an opportunity to watch the Milwaukee Iron on television tonight. I'm not a big arena football league guy by nature, but checking out the hometown team on national television seems like a decent way to kill a Friday. The game will be broadcast tonight from the Bradley Center, as the Iron take on the Utah Blaze starting at 7pm.

With being on television, the Iron are doing everything in their power to put a good crowd in the seats. Packers first-round draft pick Bryan Bulaga will be on hand for a meet and greet, and to make sure they fill they place up they have announced lower level tickets for just $2. Kind of sucks if you already bought a ticket, but hey, at least you'll probably be on TV. The Iron have guaranteed a playoff birth this season, and at 4-1 they are off to a good start. So go support your local arena football team folks, be it in person or on television.


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