Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Jennings on Lopez Tonight

George Lopez has a late night show on TBS, and Brandon Jennings made a surprise appearance in it Tuesday night. It wasn't to sit down, and talk to him about the season and future. It was to cover George's ass in a game of HO (a popular derivative of HORSE) against Common. Common was on as a guest to talk about his new movie Just Wright. The film is about how Common is a NBA player that has a career threatening injury, but a therapist helps him work his way back. They fall in love I'm sure, and everyone is happy. I have seen some NBA players in the preview, but I don't plan on seeing this one.

Here's how this situation went down, George wanted to check out how Common was on the court for real so he challenged him to a game of horse. When they came back from break George said he hurt his shoulder warming up, so he had to have a replacement fill in for him. Common was thinking he was joking, and no one would replace him. Then George was like here is my replacement Brandon Jennings, and Common's eyes got real big. It was funny how surprised he really was, and it's something you have to see to enjoy. George Lopez also thought it was the greatest thing ever, how when they started playing the game they both kept making shots.

This link should take you to the video to check it out.


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