Thursday, May 13, 2010

LeBron James is a Quitter

He told us not to be worried. He told us that he was confident that the Cavs could come back and win this series. He made us believe that everything we had come to expect out of this man would be witnessed with his performance on Thursday night. But LeBron James was wrong. With his Cavaliers facing elimination in game six against the Boston Celtics and a trip to the Eastern Conference Finals on the line, LeBron did not get it done, and his days in Cleveland could be over.

At first glance, LeBron had a great game. He had 27 points, 19 rebounds, and 10 assists. A triple-double on any night is a special thing, but in the playoffs it's especially impressive. Although his stat line was great for your fantasy team, his Cavs came up short losing 94-85. And no matter how good his statline looks, I'm blaming this loss entirely on the King.

For all the comparisons we want to give him for being the next Michael Jordan, LeBron James proved he was anything but. This Cavs team simply gave up in this game, looking defeated early and never finding their swagger that they've become known for. They played flat, uninspired, and if I'm a Cavs fan I'm embarrassed that this is a team I root for.

The thing was, something didn't seem right about this game. For all the talk and confidence James has on the off days, when the game was actually being played he didn't look like he backed up the talk. After his words, I expected James to take this game over, and again if you look at the stats you think that would have been the case. Buf if you look closer you'll see his nine turnovers. And if you watched the game, you saw a LeBron that looked timid, a LeBron that almost didn't want to take a big shot. To me, it almost felt like if LeBron was going to win this game, he was going to make his teammates do it for him. That's a great strategy, if you are trying to beat the Cavs. Not if you are their star player.

It was almost as if he was making a point on Thursday. Why should I give you my all when the supporting cast around me can't get it done? Yes, this is all speculation but that's what his performance said, even if he didn't say those words himself. I have for years been adamant in the belief that LeBron was going to be a Cavalier forever, but watching game six made it seem like he was halfway out the door.

The disturbing part is that it looked like it was by design.


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