Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Milwaukee is Home Again for Braves

They haven't called Milwaukee home since 1965, but the Braves sure did look they felt at home in their three game series against the Brewers this week. This series was par for the course for the Crew, who seem to have a knack for letting us down every time they get us to start thinking they might amount to something this season. Yeah, it's still early, and I still think they have the makings of being a good team, but one thing is for sure - they suck at home.

This sweep by the Braves makes Milwaukee 4-11 at home this season, and that's not a number that looks to improve especially with the Phillies coming to town this weekend. Wednesday's game was a tough one to swallow because this really was one that the Brewers could have captured. Milwaukee came back from behind to tie the game at two in the 6th inning, but did get caught in a jam in the 7th. Manny Parra got the first two outs of the inning, but then Jason Heyward sent a shot that Prince Fielder couldn't handle, and the Braves took the 3-2 lead. After that, the floodgates opened, and Atlanta picked up the 9-2 victory and the series sweep.

Tough game for Milwaukee, as all four pitchers that entered the game gave up at least two runs. Gallardo spread his out over six innings, and would have looked a lot better if he had some run support. He did fan six batters, and is still pitching very well for the most part. But Parra gave up two runs, Villanueva gave up a pair, and then Trevor Hoffman gave up three more. That's a 12.00 ERA for Hoffman on the year so far, folks. I recently picked up Hoffman in a fantasy league in hopes of trading him, guess that's not happening anytime soon.

As for the offense, I really don't have a choice but to give the Player of the Game to anyone but Casey McGehee. He had one of the RBI, Jim Edmonds had the other, but McGehee had two hits to lead the team and is now hitting .323 on the season. I was just asked what my thoughts would be if three years ago you were to tell me that Casey McGehee was leading the POTG standings with four nominations. Well before asking what the hell the POTG standings were, I'd wonder what the hell happened to guys like Fielder, Braun, Hart, Hardy, Gamel, LaPorta, Escobar, etc... and figure that we are not as good as we were supposed to be at this time. Hey, but the Brewers struggles are McGehee's gain, because this is his third POTG in a row, winning the award every game of this depressing series.

Next up is a well needed off day for the Brewers, and then a weekend full of nationally televised games against the Phillies. Friday's game will be shown nationally on MLB Network, but it will be blacked out here so we'll have to check it out on the home FSN Wisconsin. Saturday afternoon the Crew can be found on Fox, and then we're back on ESPN's Sunday Night Baseball and the wonderful stylings of Joe Morgan and Jon Miller. Yay.


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