Thursday, May 27, 2010

My Q&A With Pocket Doppler

The closest thing I'll ever have to a media blitz continues today, as earlier this week I spoke with Wally over at PocketDoppler to answer a few questions. The topics range from how this site started to thoughts on the Packers, Brewers, and even the World Cup. So if you're a bit bored this afternoon, humor me a bit and go on and check it out here.

PocketDoppler is a pretty nice site for those of us longing for the SportsBubbler, as every morning the Doppler keeps the tradition alive by posting a bunch of links from some of the state's best bloggers. They also do a weekly Q&A with various bloggers, and in the past they've also spoken with CheeseheadTV, Miller Park Drunk, and BrewHoop. So again, if you have a job unlike me where you get to peruse the internet at your will, kill some time checking out those today.

In other news, have you heard that we're on Twitter?


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