Monday, May 3, 2010

Padres Blank Brewers, Again

Why did it take me over a full day to finally write a Brewers recap in regards to their series finale against the Padres? Well, besides the fact that I was still a bit hungover from a weekend away from the home office, I had no desire to relive this game as San Diego got the 8-0 upper hand. I actually had no desire to relive this series because the Padres flat out owned us. Besides the one game where Yovani Gallardo single-handedly led the Brewers to a 2-1 victory, the Crew didn't score a run in the entire series. In three out of the four games, they were shut out. In four games, the Brewers averaged half a run per game. How many more times can I say it? I'm a little worried about this team.

I don't want to get into a whole spiel about why I'm overly concerned about how this Brewers team might not have it in them to even get to .500 this season, because I'm just not up to the task tonight. But remember when the Brewers beat the Pirates 20-0 and we were laughing about how great it was? Well, since then the Brewers are 2-7 and have been struggling mightily.

The last thing I want to do is cry bloody murder when the Brewers are struggling, yet claim World Series when things are going well, so I'm really trying to reel it in a bit here. I think that when I have written these posts over the past two years, I've taken a real roller coaster of an approach. But maybe there is no other way to write about a baseball season from a fan's perspective, because every season is such a rollercoaster. It's just that even though we are only one month into the season, it seems like the valleys are more recurrent than the peaks.

POTG: How about Todd Coffey, I like him.


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