Thursday, May 13, 2010

Royals Doomed For Years of Disappointment

Not a great day to be a Kansas City Royals fan. Even though KC snapped their seven-game losing streak on Thursday, they made the decision to fire manager Trey Hillman and replace him with someone we as Brewers fans are so too familiar with - Ned Yost. Since he was fired from the Brewers in 2008, Yost has spent his time as an advisor to the Royals club while also dreaming of being Bobby Cox. He's now the manager of the Kansas City Royals.

I was actually watching the Royals game with my buddy Mick on the MLB Network, and after the game Mick questioned if that was Ned Yost that was shown in the dugout. I told him that he was ridiculous for thinking that, as it was actually Trey Hillman and that Ned Yost would never manage in the big leagues again. Fifteen minutes later, the news broke that Yost was indeed the new manager. Weird.

Yost is inheriting a team that is 12-23 on the season, and they are already 10.5 games behind the first-place leading Twins in the AL Central. He'll be reunited with Jason Kendall and Scott Podsednik, so that should be a good time. I'm interested to see how Ned does with an American League club, as he will no longer be able to experiment with batting the pitcher in the eighth spot and leaving pitchers in too long when they should be pinch hit for. I guess he could still leave them in too long still though.

I don't know, honestly, I don't think Yost is a good manager at all. I think he knows the game but he's ultimately either too stubborn or he tries to outsmart himself too much, and that will lead to his downfall in Kansas City as it did in Milwaukee. I think the Royals were justified in making a change but that Yost isn't really the answer. Then again, it's not too different than what life is like up here in Milwaukee, with Ken "Yost Lite" Macha at the helm. Good times.


Darkschner said...

say what you will... the brewers have consistently gotten worse since he was canned. At lease he will entertain the kc fans 2 or 3 times a week when he is throw out of the game. I think he will do a good job. Go Ned!

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