Friday, May 28, 2010

Sampson the Next Cavs Coach?

I have to say that when the Bucks brought Kelvin Sampson in I didn't know what to think. But after the last two seasons, seeing what he brought to the table I have to say he was the right man for the job. He worked very well with Jennings, and taught him how to handle all the pressure. I really think a lot of people saw what he did with Jennings, and are now saying that Sampson should be a head coach in the NBA. I know he had his problems when he was given the chance in college, but the NBA doesn't have scouting rules. I think sometimes college gets a little overboard with recruiting players. Now the Cleveland Cavaliers are interested in bring Sampson in to replace Mike Brown who was fired.

With LeBron's situation up in the air it might be hard for a person to want to take the Cavilers job. I think Kelvin really liked being with the Bucks, and working with Skiles. Will he coach someday in the NBA, I think yes. Will it be this year I don't know/hope not. He put one year in at Indiana, and had a good year so I think he can handle an NBA team. Also with this rumor I guess the Clippers are interested in Sampson. The funny thing about that would be that Eric Gordon plays for the Clippers, a little reunion of sorts.

Either way a rumor is a rumor, and right now we still have Sampson on our side. Not sure when his time here will come to an end, but don't expect him to be around forever. But while he is around I really hope he keeps working with Jennings to make him better and better. For a little more information on this rumor click this link.


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