Sunday, May 16, 2010

They Lost Again

Another home game, another loss for the Milwaukee Brewers. At this point though, do we really expect anything different? Milwaukee just can't seem to buy a break right now at home, as they are currently on an 0-5 homestand which includes Saturday afternoon's 10-6 loss to the Phillies. It's been a tough couple of days for Milwaukee, an act that is growing old very quickly and causing a lot of unrest both with fans and within the locker room.

One of the biggest problems during this homestand, if not the biggest, has been the performance of the starting pitchers and their inability to last more than six innings. Chris Narveson, who has been pitching well lately, was the latest culprit going just 5 2/3 innings and allowing four runs on eight hits. Not going deep into games is something Milwaukee can ill afford to do, especially with the Phillies, and other opponents for that matter, have been consistently getting at least seven innings out of their starters.

The efforts of the bullpen haven't been helping either, as usually after the starters get rocked at least one of our relievers gets tagged for multiple runs. In this latest edition it was Claudio Vargas who got lit up. Vargas only retired one batter, but managed to give up five runs, and six hits. The rest of the bullpen was serviceable at best, including recently called up John Axford. Axford was called up to replace Adam Stern, who spent a blink and you missed it week up in Milwaukee. In his first appearance as a Brewer, Axford went one inning but did give up a run.

Also about as rare as a victory these days is a strong performance from Corey Hart, although he did deliver on Saturday. Hart went 2-for-4 and had 4 RBI, including a three run home run in the seventh inning. Of course, Hart is still the worst defensive player outside of Alfonso Soriano in the history of baseball, but if he can at least make up for it at the plate than I will start hating him less, so good work Corey.

Other than that, it was pretty much the same game we've seen all week. Prince Fielder and Alcides Escobar did add home runs, which was nice. Jim Edmonds left the game early because he's old, no word yet on how long he'll be shelved if at all. One man who will be sent to the DL though is Doug Davis, who was scratched for his start tonight due to a virus, albeit a treatable one. He should be able to return once his DL stint is over, but in the meantime the club actually brought Adam Stern right back up. Dave Bush will start tonight instead, but I'm not sure who takes over as the fifth starter. Please God not Jeff Suppan. Give Manny Parra a shot perhaps?

The game for tonight is set for 7:05pm on ESPN. It'd be nice if the Brewers could at least fool a national television audience and act like a decent team in this series finale.

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